How to Use Facebook Stories to Promote Yourself

How would you like to be able to share your stories on social media without having to post them first? That’s exactly what Facebook Stories does! This new format allows you to create short video clips that play automatically when someone shares their story with you.

Facebook is changing the way we communicate through its ever-growing number of features. In addition to its core functions such as messaging, sharing, and organizing events, Facebook has also started developing other services like Paper, Messenger Kids, Instagram Live, and WhatsApp. Today, Facebook Stories is the latest addition to these.

Although Facebook Stories only lets you upload text or image-based stories, you can also add audio and video stories too. When someone shares your story, they see a preview of your story along with a button that says “Like” or “Share”. They can then click on either option to watch your entire story unfold on their screen. Below are some great tips on how to use Facebook to promote yourself or your brand.

How to Use Facebook Stories to Promote Yourself

1. Share Your Story With People Who Will Like It

The best thing about Facebook Stories is that it allows you to choose who gets to view your story. If you have many followers on Facebook or Twitter, you could probably get away with just posting your story. However, if you want to reach people beyond your own network, you should consider trying out different targeting options. The most basic one is to share your story with your friends; however, you’ll find that this will likely produce more unwanted posts than others. A better idea is to target people based on age, sex, education level, location, religion, lifestyle choices, and so forth.

2. Add A Hashtag To Your Story

Adding hashtags to your stories helps increase the searchability of your content. Although Facebook doesn’t officially support adding hashtags to videos, you can still do it by using third-party apps. Other users will appreciate being able to easily locate your content, as well as any related material they may find interesting. Try searching for StoryStories to discover existing hashtags for this feature.

3. Create Some Memorable Images For Your Story

You don’t need professional editing software to create cool images for your stories. All you need is an old camera (or smartphone!) and some creativity. Don’t forget to apply filters like Vignette, Black & White, etc., when taking your pictures. You can even add props to make your story more interesting.

4. Add Text And/Or An Audio Track

You don’t need to rely solely on photos to tell your story on Facebook. Adding text or audio tracks are also effective ways to engage your audience. If you have a lot of subscribers, you might prefer to include a link to your website when you post your story.

5. Customize Your Profile Background Image

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook recently added a background option in the settings where you can customize your profile picture. While you can always leave it blank, adding custom images is another way of promoting your page. As long as you don’t go overboard with your design, you’re sure to attract attention from potential customers.

6. Choose High-Quality Content

If you’ve never used Facebook for marketing before, it’s time to start! You’ll be amazed at what kind of exposure you can achieve using its features alone. Just remember not to put all of your eggs in one basket by spreading too much content across social media platforms and online casino en ligne games.

7. Use Short Videos Instead Of Longer Ones

In addition to sharing longer stories, you can also share shorter ones. This works especially well because it gives you the chance to demonstrate some of your skills or other talents.

Once you’ve posted your stories on Facebook, you can invite people to visit either your blog or site.

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