Tips to Creating Great YouTube Shorts

Can you tell me why you should create short videos instead of long ones?

YouTube has become an important tool for businesses looking to establish relationships with their customers. As such, creating compelling video content is a key part of an online marketing strategy. In fact, research shows that people spend less time watching videos that are longer than three minutes, which means that shorter content is better for building brand awareness.

“People watch less than 3minutes of a video, so give them only 2minuts worth of information,” says Dan Zarrella. This is why he recommends that companies take advantage of the trend by creating short videos rather than long ones, as they will get noticed faster.

Tips to Creating Great YouTube Shorts

1. Get creative

You don’t need to be a professional videographer to make great YouTube videos; in fact, many aspiring YouTubers have made it due to their unique styles or voices. “The most important thing you can do when making your first channel? Be yourself and be comfortable,” says Dan Zarrella. He adds that if you’re not sure what kind of style to use, go ahead and start off doing something goofy like playing the drums while talking directly into the camera—people love weird stuff!

2. Start small

YouTubers try out different types of videos before attempting anything more complicated. A good way to start getting feedback from viewers and producing engaging content is to host a contest. Ask your audience to vote on what type of video gets posted next, whether it’s a music-only mixtape, a how-to video, or a comedy sketch. Your followers will appreciate your transparency, and you’ll learn a lot about what works best for your audience.

3. Keep it simple

It may sound obvious, but there really isn’t much room for mistakes when you’re just starting out. Take pride in every aspect of your work, especially quality. If you put effort into something, you’re guaranteed to receive positive results.

4. Always be true to yourself

Zarrella notes that finding the right balance between being authentic and keeping things entertaining is always hard, but having a sense of humor helps tremendously. For example,

Don’t try to imitate another creator’s style if you want to be successful. “Be authentic and don’t do anything that might make you look desperate. Remember, authenticity always wins out over trying to look cool.”

5. Give value first

People won’t buy from a company that doesn’t provide them with any useful information. That goes double for on-demand services, where you’re selling access to exclusive content. You’ve got one minute to capture a viewer’s attention and make him understand why he should visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, or sign up for your service and play casino en ligne . The main goal is to make your visitors feel like they received some sort of benefit.

6. Don’t forget the context

We all know that the Internet is about speed and convenience. But when it comes to social media, it’s crucial to consider others’ needs as well. How quickly does someone want answers? Will they read through everything you offer? If you post content too rapidly, people may lose interest in following along later down the line.

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