Best Video Editing Software for PCs

What kind of video editing software should I get?

The field of video editing has changed dramatically over the last decade. In the early days of PC computing, videos were generally edited using dedicated hardware such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Then came Windows Movie Maker for editing raw footage into short movies. And today, almost every smartphone comes with some basic video recording and editing features.

But choosing between free and paid options can be confusing. Some features found in expensive packages aren’t even necessary for simple edits. Plus, free tools often lack advanced editing functions. And that’s why our experts put together this guide to identify the best video editing software for PCs.

Best Video Editing Software for PCs

1. Microsoft Office Free

This is a classic choice for any PC user who wants basic video editing functionality but doesn’t have much money to spend. The app does the basics well (timelapse feature anyone?), including trimming clips, adding transitions, and merging multiple files into one large file. It also includes powerful text recognition technology so you can type out your own captions for your videos.

2. Windows Live Essentials 2012 (PC)

Microsoft’s all-inclusive package offers an assortment of free apps, including its very own social networking service called Windows Live Spaces. You get several online casino en ligne and storage services for free as well, including OneDrive and SkyDrive.

This suite is perfect for beginners looking to kickstart their video production career. Windows Live Photo Gallery lets you create photo albums from images shot by your camera. These photos are then posted directly to Facebook. You can also upload them to other sites like Flickr and SmugMug.

Windows 7 Movie Studio is a powerful tool for creating professional home videos. It includes everything you need to edit, cut, and add special effects to your footage. Windows Live Messenger allows users to communicate via text messages or voice calls. Windows Live Toolbar adds various helpful tools such as bookmarks, RSS feeds, and news alerts.

And Windows Live Translator enables users to translate webpages right in Microsoft’s browser. Windows Live Mail gives you access to emails sent through the company’s email system. All these applications work seamlessly with one another.

3. iMovie Free (Mac Only)

Apple’s app for Mac users uses innovative features designed to make it easy for novice editors to produce impressive results without having to shell out big bucks for more complex programs. It works best if you already use Apple’s iPhoto or Aperture photo management apps. But since many people don’t, iMovie is a great entry-level option.

If you’re not familiar with nonlinear editing programs, this may sound limiting. But most users simply want to add titles, apply simple effects, crop, and trim their projects—all of which is included here. iMovie also supports third-party plug-ins, giving users more control when they start to explore the program’s extensive library of effects filters.

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